Sow Much Love Cloth Giveaway!

If you've been following along for a bit then you might remember my previous review on one of Sow Much Love's awesome AI2 diapers.

Spoiler alert, I love them! In fact, I love her diapers so much that I've continued to buy from her since. I've added some awesome geeky prints to my collection (Minecraft and Supernatural!) If you haven't checked out her shop, definitely do so. She has a few diapers still available, but she'll be on maternity leave soon!

Starting today she has a new giveaway going with MULTIPLE WINNERS. 

Enter to win:

A Lord of the Rings Hybrid fitted

It's the one on the left - TOO CUTE!

A Dozen Anchor Wipes

2 Hemp/Bamboo Trifold Inserts

or a $10 Etsy Shop Credit

There's only 3 little tasks on the entry form, although one can be done every day to increase your chances of winning. 

After you've entered, do me a favor and head over to her Facebook page and wish her luck - she's due to give birth any day now (and hopefully soon, she's already overdue!)

Good luck Megan, and good luck to the rest of you as well. Come back and let me know if you win!

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Spoiled By The Grandparents: Completely Normal, or Totally Unacceptable?

My kids love their Pop Pop (my father-in-law). It honestly amazes me to this day how quickly they both took to him. Peas in a pod, all of them. I try very hard not to get upset or bent out of shape about some of the stuff he does. But every once in a while...

I have to wonder; how much spoiling is normal, and when is it just out of hand?

Since we're military and live away from everyone, even seeing Pop Pop is only a 3-4 times a year thing. That's 3-4 times more than anyone else, but still. Not much really in the grand scheme of things, is it?

Is it just me, or has society actually made it acceptable (and expected!) for grandparents to spoil their grandkids?

So I know he likes to spoil the kids when he sees them. He gets them gifts, puts up with the nonsense and tantrums far longer (and far better) than my husband and I who are subjected to them daily. Pop Pop loves his grandbabies. But he also is a softie to the point that he will basically give them whatever they want, and that extends to food. I expect my kid to overindulge on sweets around the holidays and even a little just when we get to visit and it isn't a holiday. I don't want to be that mom who is freaking out about her kid eating an extra cookie. Really, I don't. I usually let it go.

My concerns are pretty normal (I think). I want her to eat actual food while she's there, I don't want her to get physically sick off junk food, and I want her to understand that mommy is still in charge.

The last time we were there visiting was a particularly trying time. My daughter brought out a package of Klondike bars from the freezer and started begging for one. I told her no, that she had to eat lunch first, and to put them back. Lunch was not even the healthiest of options (hotdogs, don't judge me!), but still.... real (ish?) food should come before ice cream.

Well of course my daughter began to cry. I held firm and told her to go eat her lunch first. Pop Pop came over, opened the ice cream and handed her one saying "It's OK, it's just a little ice cream."

I was livid. To give her snacks and junk is one thing. To blatantly disregard my judgement and undermine my decision right in front of me was just uncalled for. I wasn't going to make a scene and take the ice cream off my daughter (who had quickly run away with it anyway), but I definitely had a talk with my husband about it before I blew a gasket. To be fair, it was a lot more of him sitting there while I ranted and raved than it was a discussion.

Looking back on it now I don't think that I was out of line being upset about it, though I know I'm going to have to come up with a game plan for the next visit. Talking to Pop Pop doesn't really accomplish much. To him, it really just isn't a big deal. He likes his grandbabies and likes to give them what they want. I can appreciate that, but he's not the one who has to comfort them through stomachaches afterwards or deal with their rotten behavior for a week after leaving Pop Pop's house.

If you ask my daughter what Pop Pop says, she will proudly reply, "Do whatever you want!"

Yeah, that's just not what I want my kid to think life is like. There are rules, there are boundaries, and they shouldn't just disappear because we're at Pop Pop's house. A little spoiling is fine. Hell, that's part of the fun when they kids aren't yours, right? But to me there's a big difference between giving in a little and being a boundary stomper.

What about you? Have your parents or in-laws ever gone overboard on spoiling or stomping boundaries? What (if anything) did you do about it?

FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper Trial Starter Pack Giveaway
Hosted by: mama pure
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FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers is under new ownership and they are launching an exciting new diaper, the One-Size Adjustable Cloth Pocket Diaper! This diaper comes in size Small and size Large to give you the absolute best fit but will still fit your baby up through potty training. The diaper also features amazing custom sizing options with adjustable leg and waist elastic not found on other diaper brands. mama pure had the opportunity to test out both diaper sizes so you can see the difference in fit to help you choose which would work best for your baby.

I'll be super honest - I have a FuzziBunz, but not only is it one of their older styles, but I've still not gotten around to using it on my son! Partly because I'm not a fan of the color I was given (so sue me), but also because we just plain old didn't need it. I am curious about trying out these new ones though, I've heard great things! Be sure to read the full review to learn more details about this diaper!

 To celebrate the new One-Size Adjustable Cloth Pocket Diaper mama pure has teamed up with FuzziBunz to give away a Trial Starter Package which includes 2 one-size adjustable cloth pocket diapers and a hanging wet bag!

This giveaway will run from 9/28 at 12am EST through 10/15 at 11:59pm EST. It is open to the US & CAN. Void where prohibited. Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter.

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Wonderful Bambino Cloth Diaper Winner

Congratulations to the winner, and thank you everyone who entered!

Didn't win?

Don't worry, there are plenty of others to enter. If you're looking for a new cloth giveaway check back here next week to see a brand new review and giveaway for Royal Fluff Diapers!

Penis or Wee-wee? Vagina or Hoo-haa?

Someone in one of my mommy groups recently asked what names we were teaching our children for their privates. I know that everyone has their own views on this, but I was surprised by the hostility in some of the responses.

I grew up in a household where you did not say vagina. We knew what it was, though at what point I was told the real term I cannot tell you. Girl parts were referred to as "powder puffs" and boy parts... Well, to be perfectly honestly I have no idea. I don't remember much conversation surrounding them and my brother was 10 years younger than me, so by the time that came up it was just a non-issue. We may have called it a penis, it may have had a funny name. Forgive me, but I'm getting old and I'm pregnant. I can't be relied upon to remember squat right now.

I think the only reason I remember the term "powder puff" is because it was such a source of embarrassment for me. Now, I know not everyone is embarrassed by things like this, but at the time I was. I remember a show called The Powerpuff Girls, and the name was so similar that for longer than I'd like to admit, I assumed it was a smutty cartoon. I was so easily embarrassed by anything remotely sexual that I couldn't handle a cartoon with a similar name. 

Sad, huh?

For me, it felt like giving parts of my body a "special" name was basically like saying it was something to be ashamed of. The shame and embarrassment was so strong that we couldn't just call it by what it was - a vagina.

I don't want that for my daughter (or my son). We've opted to use the proper terminology in an attempt to curb that sense of shame. The awkwardness. The embarrassment. I want my child to feel comfortable talking to me about anything, and I think it starts when they are very, very young.

If my daughter thinks I am uncomfortable talking about basic biology, what is the likelihood that she will come to me when she's dealing with puberty, questions about sex, or hell, even birth control?

I know, it isn't a one or the other thing. I get that. Even though I was embarrassed about the topic, I still went to my mother when I needed help with birth control. So I know that it isn't just about the name. Still, I feel that it helps set the tone.

I also think it avoids so much unnecessary confusion. While watching my nephews, the older one said something I could not understand. For the life of me I was at a loss. It wasn't  until talking to my husband that I found out the boy was referring to his penis. He was trying to tell me something about using the potty, but he used the term "dinker". I don't know where that came from, for all I know it's a common term for penis, but I was at a loss.

Now what if I was watching him and he was in pain and could not tell me where it hurt? We teach children the proper terminology for everything else, why not for all of their parts?

And sadly, a personal fear of mine is what if someone touches a child inappropriately but the child cannot properly articulate what happened?

I know a lot of parents find the conversation uncomfortable. They worry about taking away their child's innocence. But really, is it?

Yes, the first time I heard my daughter say "vagina" and "penis" it was kind of weird. Especially the follow up questions... "Mommy, do you have a penis?" "No, mommy has a vagina." "Daddy, do you have a vagina?" "No, daddy has a penis." "Do all boys have a penis?" "Usually."

And that was it. Granted, it isn't in depth. She doesn't know anything about sex. We will get to that when she's a bit older, and/or when she asks. Really, I'm just following her lead. I will always answer my child's questions, and I will continue to do so as truthfully as possible. I don't have to ruin her innocence to do this, I just have to tailor my answers to her level of understanding.

One day, when she's old enough to grasp the explanations, we will tell her more. She'll learn that not all boys have a penis, and not every girl has a vagina. She'll learn all the many different shapes and sizes and forms that people come in. But just because she is unable to fathom the difficult stuff now does not mean I should shy away from the basics.

A 4-year-old doesn't need to know everything, but they should know (and feel comfortable using) the proper terminology for their own body.

*** For those who like to use the strictly correct terms for everything, yes, I understand the difference between vagina and vulva. Vulva was a bit difficult for her to say and created more confusion,  so we'll be saving that conversation for another day. While it may not be 100% correct medically speaking, I do not foresee confusion if she uses the term vagina to refer to the whole area (especially at her age). ***

Toys R Us & Babies R Us gift Card Giveaway!

Welcome to All About Parents Birthday Extravaganza!

Debbie from All About Parents is celebrating her birthday and has decided to share the love. Since she loves shopping for her son All About Parents is sponsoring this giveaway so you can shop for your little one, too!
 One lucky winner will win a $140 gift card to Toys 'R' Us and a $140 gift card to Babies 'R' Us. 

The great thing about these two stores is that you can literally find anything you need for your kids between the two of them. Toys, games, clothes, diapers, baby supplies... it's all there! If there's a kid in your life, this is the giveaway for you.

This giveaway will run from 9/24 7:00 am through 10/8 7:00 am and is open to residents of the US & Canada 18+

Good luck!

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