Time to Celebrate!

Some of you might remember hearing that my husband made chief this year. Those of you who are familiar with the Navy know how big of a deal this is. If you aren't I can't even express to you how important it is. It is so much more than just a promotion.

Well, we finally made it. The 6 weeks of hell are over, my husband has been officially pinned, and things are slowly going back to normal.

My husband and daughter right after the pinning.
Tonight I'll be at our first ever Khaki Ball. My husband will most likely be getting pretty drunk and enjoying an evening where he is finally able to cut loose and relax. I'm only a tiny bit jealous, I swear. (What I wouldn't do for a good stiff drink right about now!)

Our military life is far from over as we have at least 6 years before he can retire. I still worry about the uncertainty of our next duty station, moving the children, and raising them so far from family, but for tonight only positive thoughts.

If only for tonight we'll be focusing on my husband, his fellow chiefs, and a hell of an achievement.

Congratulations hon, I am so, so proud of you.

Dryer Balls Giveaway Winners

Hey all! I know, this giveaway ended 12 hours ago and I'm just now getting around to announcing winners. Sorry!

I can't help it, I was preoccupied waiting for a beautiful baby to be born. I love me some new squish. :)

Winners are displayed below and have been emailed. If they do not respond within 48 hours I will pick new winners. Didn't win? Unfortunately I can't give out prizes to everyone, but there are more giveaways for you to enter all the time! Keep trying ^_^

Pregnancy - Team Blue, Pink, or Green?

As my Baby Center app was kind enough to remind me, today I am officially 20 weeks pregnant. Which means, of course, that I've hit the halfway point. My banana-sized baby spends her days swallowing amniotic fluid and kicking me in the bladder.

Such a joyful time!

My "big" ultrasound, the one where they'll usually tell you the sex of the baby, is in a little over a week. I should have gone this week, but I wanted my husband to have the option of attending. That is, if he can behave.

You see, I have a boy and a girl already. I'm a bit of a pack rat, so we haven't thrown out any baby stuff. I'm prepared to give my children a little brother or a little sister. Either is fine with me, really. And since I'm ready either way, I kind of want the surprise.

I know, I know. It's a surprise whether I find out next week or in another 20 weeks. Still, I think I like the idea of meeting our little one and it just being the three of us. No one else will know if the baby is a boy or girl, no one else will know the name. Just me and my husband, getting to know our little one.

Of course now that the appointment is only a week away I'm having doubts. It'll be a great moment sure, but is it fair of me? Don't get me wrong, I'm not concerned about the rest of the family. I'm concerned about my husband.

Bonding with an unborn child is hard, if not downright impossible. I've only recently begun to feel connected to our baby, and really that's just because now I can feel him/her moving around. Every little jab is another reminder saying "hey, I'm in here!". Dads don't have that.

Is my decision to wait until the birth taking away my husband's ability to bond or prepare for baby? I'm not sure. He doesn't seem very bothered about it either way, but he also doesn't seem very excited about going to the ultrasound. It's hard to blame him. While it'll be nice to see the baby on screen, there's a certain level of excitement that's just missing when you know there won't be any fun new information.

After the ultrasounds with our son and daughter we went shopping. Each time we bought a couple small things, but always a cute outfit. It was the first time that we really were able to bond and get excited about the little one.

Yes, we can go out and get a gender neutral outfit (of which there are surprisingly few!) but with everything so unknown it's hard to be excited. We don't have a name set and probably won't for some time. It seems pointless to argue over a boy's name or a girl's name when we don't even know which we're having.

I'm not sure if I'll hang tight to team green or give in and find out. I'd like to think I'll be able to wait. I won't pay extra and go for an extra ultrasound, so if I can make it through my medically necessary ultrasound I'll be fine. Really. I think.

We Will Never Forget

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HALO SleepSack Giveaway
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HALO is excited to share their new Bassinest Swivel Sleeper! It features a 360 degree swivel rotation, lowering side wall, adjustable base for the perfect height for your bed, a key pad with nightlight, soothing sounds, & nursing timer, mesh side panels, and side pockets for storage. The new Bassinest is ideal for keeping baby close, especially when establishing breastfeeding, recovering from a c-section, or just trying to get extra bonding time with baby. To learn more about the Bassinest please read the full post at mama pure


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