Convincing the World To Cloth Diaper: One Frugal Mom At A Time

The family and I are enjoying time with family right now, but Tiffany over at Wife.Mother.Teacher. is here to share a bit of money-saving information with you. This is a great post to share with friends or family who aren't quite sure cloth is worth the "trouble"!

Have you ever tried convincing a friend how wonderful cloth diapering is, only to have them turn up their nose in disgust? It doesn’t matter how many times I tell friends about my love of fluff and all their fabulous features – the only argument I’ve ever made successfully is cost! Among the many great benefits of cloth diapering – saving money is by far the asset most families can relate to - so here goes:

My favorite cost $15 each. You need a stash of about 20-24 diapers. 
That's a total cost of $360 for 24 diapers. Compare that to Huggies - on Amazon they run $47.17 for 160 diapers. ($7.08 for 24 diapers.)

Let’s say the average child goes through perhaps 7-10 diapers per day, that means you're only washing diapers every 2-3 days. If your child potty trains at 2.5 years old, that's about 912 days.
At 7 diapers a day, you'll go through 6,387 diapers before your child potty trains. That equals $1,882.96! (Just think what a person could do with $1,882.96 – debt snowball action anyone?)

Next, baby wipes! Twelve cloth wipes runs $5.95 on Amazon. That's a total of
 $11.90 on your washable wipes (or free if you use/make your own). Compared to disposable wipes which run you $10.97 for 600. If you use 1 wipe for every diaper change that's still $117 worth of wipes over the next 2.5 years.

But wait... they’ll want to know whether or not there is ‘special gear’ required for cloth diapering. (That’s what they heard on some new mom forum after all.) Yes, they'll need two wet bags for the nursery and two - three wet bags for when you're out and about (or daycare).
 That's a total cost of around $55Add an extra $132-$232 a year in extra water and soap.

There are other great cloth diaper accessories you could consider - but they definitely aren't required. Our two favorites are the Bum Genius Diaper Sprayer and SprayPal Splatter Shield – these have been selling points for many of my disposable diaper friends. (The idea of cleaning poop out of a diaper just scares the bananas out of them! LOL)

So where does this leave us?

Cloth Diapers from birth to 2.5 years:
·                      Diapers = $360
·                      Wipes = $11.90
·                      Accessories = $55
·                      Soap = $32
·                      Water = $100
·                      GRAND TOTAL = $559

Disposable Diapers from birth to 2.5 years:
·                      Diapers = $1,882.96
·                      Wipes = $117
·                      Trash = ????
·                      Trash bags/Travel trash bags = ???
·                      GRAND TOTAL = $2,000 + ???

There's just one more thing to consider. The average American family has 2 children. That means you could diaper the second child for the low cost of $32 a year (our cost for soap on average). And when you're done with your diapers you can sell them. (Speaking of which... if you can purchase used diapers from the get go - you'll be saving even more money! We found quite a few used diapers online for about $5 each when we first started.)

At this point in the conversation, they'll usually at least admit that the idea of cloth isn't as scary as they had thought previously. (So far my record time for convincing someone to cloth diaper is less than 10 minutes at a baby shower.) There just isn't much argument against them when you break down the cost (plus all the other great benefits we've all come to know and love)! 

Tiffany is the owner and author of Wife.Mother.Teacher. a blog about balancing family budgets and home management while being a modern, working mom. She enjoys writing about her family’s Total Money Makeover journey, meal planning and exciting adventures as a public school teacher. In her ‘free time’ she enjoys reading, visiting local kid friendly attractions and spending quality time with her friends and family.

I Am Not The Favorite Parent

 When my husband and I first talked about having children I couldn't help but envision this amazing relationship between me and my kids where everything was just perfect. I was going to be a great mom. My kids were going to love me and respect me. And dammit, they'd like me more than daddy.

It wasn't a real competition, but let's face it - we all want to be the favorite parent. We want to be the one our kids trust and confide in. If you don't then more power to you, but I spent all day with these children and, much like I would like to have my coworkers admiration and respect, I hope for the same from my offspring.

Unfortunately, life had other plans.

ZenKid Premium Baby Stroller Organizer Review and Giveaway

ZenKid sent me one of their stroller organizers to try out and I have to say that I love this thing! When I had the BIG stroller out all the time it wasn't such a big deal. There is usually cup holder and a small spot for my phone at least. Still, it was pretty lacking for space. I hated trying to put a taller drink (or bottle/sippy/etc) in there because half the time I would hit a bump and the drink would fall over or splash around.

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Hoodsbee Child's Hoodie Review

It's rare that I'm sent a product that my daughter can get excited about. Let's face it, my niche is more in the cloth diaper market. She's a bit old for that at 4! Recently Hoodsbee sent me a child's hoodie to try out. It was a total win.

The idea here is really simple. It arrived to me as pictured above, all rolled up and looking very much like a stuffed animal. My daughter insists it's a kitty, but this guy is actually a fox. TomAto, tomAHto, right? 

29 Weeks - Fearing Labor

So, 29 weeks.

I'm into the 3rd trimester now, and it's getting a lot harder to forget I'm pregnant. I'm pretty sure I don't deserve my husband at this point. The last week or two has been a rollercoaster of mood swings, and I'm literally 5 seconds away from crying and/or yelling at any given moment.

And I'm so tired. Where did my energy go?

When I do get a burst of energy I waste in on stupid things, like my random late night need to clean out our closet. No one cares about the closet, Jen. How about you do the dishes?

But recently, my biggest concern has been labor. You would think I had thought about this before. I mean, I have two kids already. I know what labor is about, but somehow I manage to ignore the fact that at some point I am going to have to squeeze this kid out. 

With my first pregnancy I was totally relaxed and chill about the whole thing. I didn't even think about it. I was laughing and making jokes the whole time I was in labor. The minute the nurse said it was time to push I was like a deer caught in headlights. All I could think of was "What? No. I changed my mind, can I do this later???"

With my second labor I was prepared, but that didn't matter. The pain was unreal (although to be fair they really liked upping the pitocin and that stuff just HURTS).

This time when I think about going through labor again all I can think of is this pain chart:

I feel like these numbers directly correlate with how dilated I am at the time.

This makes me giggle, but I'd be lying if I said after 2 kids I'm not still a little scared of pushing out a baby. I know there are stories out there about women who have these beautiful, peaceful, pain-free labors.

I'm trying really hard to hold back the rage, ladies.

No, but really I'm happy for you. I am. But I'm beyond lying to myself at this point. Labor (for me) is hell. Still....

Still, isn't it all worth it when they hand you that precious baby? It amazes me how as soon as the baby is out the pain is just gone. The only thing left is just love. Well, love and relief.

Annnnnnnd I want to cry again.

Damn hormones.